About #UEverHeardOf

So, the name of the site is #UEverHeardOf. My name is State Line Jay, and if you are familiar with my work, then you know exactly where this hash tag originates. For those new to the party, I am the creator and host of a podcast known as Hot 16. One of the segments from this show was called “You Ever Heard Of?” In this segment myself and whoever was co-hosting wth me that week, would suggest an artist and music for the listeners to check out. The goal of the segment, was to introduce our audience to new music that they perhaps may not have heard before. Ultimately, in 2018 there is no shortage of artists as the internet has given everyone the ability to create and release music at their leisure, making this segment rather easy to produce. I began noticing how many friends of mine would begin texting, sending dms and random face time calls, telling me how much they loved my suggestions and would often ask for more and even for me to create playlists. As a music fan, one of my favorite things to do is put people on to new music. That being said, I wanted to expand on that segment with a full fledged website. So, here we are. The following posts will all be new music, news, interviews and more all from artists that I like. Simply put, I'm here to put you on to artist that you may not know, you need to know. So check us out frequently, send your music if you're an artist, and subscribe to receive our free monthly playlists!