Jay's Thoughts: Lucky Daye's Debut, Painted

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Lucky Daye Is The Artist We Don’t Deserve

Ok, so typically, anyone over the age of 30 is bound to say “music aint like it used to be” or “artists from the (insert time period they were teens) were so much better” or “You had to really have talent back when...” I’ll admit I’m guilty of it too sometimes. But, as I’ve made it part of my life work to discover and write about new artists that others need to check out, I’ve come to the realization that while we may have more “trash” today, we also have more quality music as well. Simply put, the pool of artist to choose from is much larger than it’s ever been thanks to the internet. There’s no doubt about it, we are in a creative renaissance. To take it a step further, I feel like we are in the golden era of talent which makes finding new, fresh and simply, good artist easier than ever. After you sift through the bullshit of course. I primarily listen to R&B and Hip Hop, and I’d like to consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. In particular, one that takes great pride in discovering and introducing friends and family and my Instagram followers to new music. So much pride that I see it as a skill, and sport that I play better than most. Ok, I understand you aren’t reading to hear me brag so I’ll stop here. Now, on the occasion that I am introduced to an artist from somewhere else, I begrudgingly have to keep it a buck. Some time during the 3rd quarter of 2018, I was watching one of my favorite, now retired, artists Joe Budden on Instagram Live and he was playing some music. As most celebrities do, he was completely ignoring everyone’s question of what song it was. Luckily, no pun intended, I was able to make out enough of the lyrics that I was able to google them. A simple search, and I was able to track down the artist Lucky Daye and his record “Roll Some Mo”. This smooth record about being laid up with your partner, getting high, ad eventually making love is an instant classic sure to make anyone a fan upon initial listen. The lyrics do a great job of painting the picture as one cannot help but imagine being in the company of someone attractive along with a fresh bag from the dispensary. Sounds like a perfect night to me. The combination of the drum pattern used by produce D’Mile, Lucky’s raspy yet, naturally soothing voice, and expert songwriting all bring this song to life.

The EP Killed The LP But That’s Ok

In the 4th quarter of 2018, my birthday to be exact, Lucky Daye released his debut EP simply titled I. Yes, the Roman numeral for one. I agree, not the most unique title of a project, but maybe it’ll make sense at the end of this. The five track project was spearheaded by the aforementioned single, “Roll Some Mo” and supported by another favorite of mine, “Concentrate”. I’ve always been been a fan of the EP and have had mostly positive thoughts in reference to its resurgence. Allow me to digress for a minute. While an entire generation, mine, grew up in the 90s aka the era of 20 track albums and numerous interludes, and skits, our parents generation thrived on 10 track albums, sometimes shorter. So one way to look at today’s musical output, is to just chalk it up to being the rebirth of the 70s, when soul music, or music from black artists in particular was at its best and most pure. That being said, I’m here for the EP. A few months passed, we entered 2019 and in February we got, wait for it, you guessed it II, the second EP from the New Orleans, native. Lucky Daye, great singer, songwriter, and all around artist, mediocre at project titles. He can’t be great at everything right? Needless to say, II did little to slow the momentum created by its predecessor. The lead single “Karma” is a quality record about passing up on a potential dating partner for someone else only to have that person do them wrong as well. Typical behavior for those of us dating in this day of social media and false sense of options. What instantly makes this record stand out is the interpolation of the 90’s classic by Ginuwine, “Pony.” With the inclusion of “Real Games” and my personal favorite, “Misunderstood” which further focuses on the confusion of dating haunting single millennials everywhere, the 4 track effort successfully carries and passes the baton on to his debut album “Painted”.

Deja Vu

Naturally, I was very excited when Lucky Daye announced that his debut album would be coming in May of 2019. As displayed above, I had been very pleased with what I had heard already. Whether it was “Roll Some Mo’” or “Misunderstood” Daye had yet to drop the ball in my eyes. Even still, no-one could for-see what else he had under his sleeves. A single by the name of “Love You Too Much” was released a few weeks before the release of his debut album “Painted.” Believe it or not, he outdid himself once again. It’s in this record where his true talent is noticed. His ability to write lyrics that hit home for anyone that has ever been in a serious relationship places him in a class only few can claim. On the seven plus minute record, Daye sings about being in love with a partner he is no longer with. His love for the person is so strong that it can best be categorized as being “too much” as all he hopes is to earn her back. I know the feeling Luck, sing that shit! While this was the perfect way to lead up to a debut album, I must say I was somewhat disappointed. Why? You ask great questions. Lucky Daye’s debut ALBUM “Painted” was nothing more than “III”. Instead of giving us an entire project of at least 8 songs, we got 4 new records, combined with the previously released 9. Sure, it makes for a solid listen all together as one cohesive project, but as someone that has been here for the entire ride, I was a little let down to see Lucky be, lazy. I wanted more, and I expected more. Perhaps shame is on me for having greater expectations, after all the EP has changed the game.


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