While the main focus of mine at #UEVERHEARDOF is to introduce you to new music, I look forward to expanding that one day. Well, today is a move towards that as I am about to put you all on to a new music platform you definitely will want to check out. It’s called VIBBIDI. VIBBIDI is a new way to experience the artists, their music, videos and other content that you love. After recently being approached by their team to give their website a spin and provide some user feedback, I must say quite a few things stood out. 

For one, they have a very nice interface that is very neutral, yet aesthetically pleasing. While many music interfaces blend white with brighter colors, VIBBIDI uses a black base, with white lettering to deliver the perfect contrast. Furthermore, everything is neatly placed making the entire site easy to understand and extremely user friendly. 

Secondly, VIBBIDI encourages users to get involved. With the ability to create music boards, video boards, and follow or “collect” other user’s boards, VIBBIDI is the only music platform that I know of that truly supports interaction. Being able to follow specific users, and collect their music opens up a brand new way of not only experiencing music but becoming introduced to new artists and even learn more about your friends musical tastes that you may not have been familiar with. 

Lastly, their use of narratives allow users the opportunity to read honest and real feedback from music fans about certain artists, their albums and more. Think about the last review or album description you read for that new album. As always it was in a very positive tone, written in the voice of a PR firm, designed to get you to listen to the album. Over on VIBBIDI, users are actively commenting and giving their raw, unfiltered opinions on what they heard. 

Do yourselves a favor and head to www.VIBBIDI.net and give it a whirl. You can start by following me and giving my narratives a read. You won’t be disappointed!