Lights On Fest Recap!


So, I spent the weekend in The Bay area and had great food and saw an amazing concert!

Every summer we are hit with a barrage of festival lineups. Most, are the same popular, overpriced, experiences we have come to know and anticipate every year, the Coachella’s, LollaPalooza’s, and Made In America’s, just to name a few. Every now and then, we get new ones to emerge and have great lineups that we just cant ignore, like this years Day N Vegas festival happening in November (I’ll be there!). Typically, all of these festivals have the same type of acts and try to cater to a vast audience by having artists from multiple different genres bringing music lovers from all walks of life with different interests and overlapping set times. Its clear, these types of festivals are all about making money and not necessarily putting on a great experience. Thankfully, we still have new events emerging to change that.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.53.42 PM.png

With perfectly executed set times we were given enough time to see every artist. With out going artist by artist and giving a breakdown of everyone’s performances I will say on the early stage Tone Stith put on the best show believe it or not, Lucky Daye didn’t perform my favorite songs which I guess he is saving for his upcoming tour, and the mysterious, Lonr put on a great set with music no-one has ever heard, which is difficult to do as a new act, so my applause to him. Melii had some technical difficulties but her and her Dj’s energy made her set memorable. Also, shout out to Rayana Jay who had a great set and took a picture with me!


Over on the main stage, every performer sounded amazing and seemed very polished as expected. Summer Walker’s music did most of the work for her while others seemed to have more stage presence, but nonetheless, no-one was less than good. Daniel Caesar had the entire Concord Pavilion in one accord as we sang “Get You” in unison, Jhene began her set by saging the entire stage and passing out flowers as she ran through her fan favorites such as “Comfort Inn Freestyle”, “The Worst”, “Triggered”, and “Sativa” to name a few. The night ended with H.E.R. and her amazing set that featured her playing multiple instruments.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.37.30 PM.png

Overall, Lights On Festival was a great experience and delivered on its reminder that R&B is NOT dead. Big props too H.E.R. and her entire team for putting together a successful first all R&B Festival in the United States and I look forward to more to come! For more videos and pictures of the weekend, head over to my instagram!