1 Song/Video Submission

1 Song/Video Submission

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We’d love to feature and post it on our site. We do charge a small site maintenance fee of $5. This fee helps us keep the site running. In exchange you will receive the following. 

1. Song/Video will be visible on our first page when viewers visit our site. 

2. Song/Video will be visible in our  Music or Videos Page

3. Short clip of the song or video will be posted on our Instagram page and remain there

4. Short 1-2 sentence write up stating your name and link to your Instagram page or whichever social media account you’d like. 

5. Chance to be featured and placed on our monthly playlist which is sent to our subscribers on the 1st of every month.

6. An opportunity of further coverage ask for details. 

7. Your song/video will be seen and introduced to music fans that love to listen to and learn about new artists.